A Practical Approach to Holistic Health For You And Your Family.

Welcome to Wooden Spoon. We offer an east/west approach to nutrition that is focused on women’s health and childhood immunity and vitality. Our simple, guided approach to healing through our step by step program is specific to your health needs and goals. Interested in starting your journey today and learning more?

Our Approach Your Journey

We are both teachers and students. We strive to empower and inspire every person to unlock their own potential for healing. We listen to where you have come from, and where you want to be, and we dig deep to find solutions to your dietary struggles. At Wooden Spoon, we work with both families and individuals to bring balance and harmony both to your body and to the dinner table.

We offer individual nutrition consultation and small group classes to help you stay connected to your healing goals.

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Six Week Mindful Eating Program

A one-on-one Nutrition Program designed to find healing and serves as a complement to other care you may be receiving. You will have a short ‘take-home’ exercise each week and 3-4 dietary and lifestyle changes/week to begin to initiate into your life.

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Spring Classes

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    Equinox Cleanse

  • http://zeroguess.com/portfolio/woodenspoon/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/KITCHEN1.jpg

    Kitchen Elixirs Workshop

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    Family Food Support Group